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Trekking to the Georgian Highlanders through Tusheti and Khevsureti 



On our trekking expedition we will get to know the culture of the Georgian, listen to the local music and most importantly get the feeling of local flavors. Trekking does not require from you to be exceptionally fit, but you need to be prepared for a full day (up to 8 hours) of wandering. In our 16-days trekking we will cross the mountain areas from the far East of Georgia – in Tusheti, through Khevsureti and end up in Khevi region. Tusheti is famous for its vast areas, wild trekking trails, green meadows and great hospitality. You will find on the way numerous defensive towers from the Middle Ages, especially in town-fortress Shatili and get a chance to sleep in one of those structures. On the way from Omalo to Kazbegi you will cross two passes above 3000 m and see the chaning landscapes of the Greater Caucasus.

Getting to the bottom of Mount Kazbek (5047 m) will be the culmination of our trek and for those willing to reach the summit – we are open to organize for you an individual ascent (just ask for more details). This icy peak called mkinwarcweri in Georgian is one of the highest peaks of Georgia and the entire Caucasus. Located on the border with Russia, it has a height of nearly 5047 m above the sea level. Kazbek is a dormant volcano, and its last eruption is estimated to be 6,000 years ago. To the south of the summit runs Georgian Military Road, along which there are many monuments, Georgian monasteries and defensive structures. At the foot of the mountain lies the town Stepancminda (Kazbegi).

Date: 28/07/2017 – 12/08/2017


Day 1 – Night fly to Georgia ** to Tbilisi airport. Transfer to the hostel. (Possibility of cheaper flight to Kutaisi airport – please ask us for the transfer options available from this airport).

Meals: –

Overnight: hostel in Tbilisi

Day 2 – After a late breakfast drive to Kakheti – a region famous for its vinemaking traditions. Visit in Alaverdi monastery and in ancient academy – Ikalto. Overnight in guesthouse in Alvani, where you take part in traditional Georgian feasting called supra. We will hear traditional Georgian toasts and stories told at the table by the host – Tamada. You will taste great local wines and see the process of producing local specialties: bread – puri, Georgian “Snickers” – Churchkhela as well as grappa type vodka – chacha.

Meals: breakfast / – / supra with wine in Alvani

Overnight: guesthouse in Alvani.

Day 3 – Drive to Omalo. With one of the most dangerous mountain roads in the world. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse in Omalo.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Omalo.

Day 4 – beggining of Omalo – Dartlo trek. Hiking to the fairytale village Dartlo located at an altitude of about 1850 m above sea level where we will see the traditional defensive towers and the mysterious drawings carved in rock – petroglyphs. Dinner and overnight in a guesthouse in Dartlo. (Time: 5 hours. Distance: 12 km.)

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Dartlo.

Day 5 – Dartlo – Girevi. After breakfast at the guesthouse we wander along the Valley Pirikita Alazani to the village Girevi. On the way we pass the village Chesho and traditional towers of Parsma. Overnight and dinner in the guesthouse in Girevi. (Time: 5.5 hours. Distance: 13 km.)

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Girevi.

Day 6 – Girevi – Kvakhidi. We set out to the place of our first camp in tents – Kvakhidi – wide camp place covered with meadows, close to the river Kvakhidistskali, where we have time to rest before the steep ascent to the Atsunta Pass (3431 m). Dinner camp, accommodation in tents. (Walking time: 6 hours. Distance: 13 km.)

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: tents.

Day 7 – Atsunta Pass 3431 m. We set off in the direction of the pass Atsunta, a natural border between two regions of Georgia: Tusheti and Khevsureti. This is one of the most exausting days of the whole trek due to the long and steep climb at the same pass. IF the weather allows, we will be able to admire views from the Pass at the peaks of: Kazbek (5047 m), Chaukhi (3842 m) and Tebulosmta (4493 m). Dinner camp, accommodation in tents. (Time: 5 hours. Distance: 10 km.)

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: tents.

Day 8 – Mutso and Shatili. It will be a long day, but virtually with no ascents. First we go through the Khidotani ridge, and then down in the vicinity of the village Khonischala. The road will lead us to the village – Mutso where fortress siteated up on the hill closes the Andaki valley. After a few more kilometers we reach our destination – village of Shatili – XII century village-fortress. In Shatili we explore the amazing medieval towers! Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse in Shatili. (Time: 7.5 hours. Distance: 16 km).

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Shatili.

Day 9 – From Shatili to Roshka. We drive off-road vehicles to the village of Roshka, historical province of Georgia. After checking in at the guesthouse there will be time to relax and take pictures. Dinner and overnight in a guest house in Roszce.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Roshka.

Day 10 – From Roshka for Juta. We set off in the direction of Juta. Our trail leads initially in the direction of three amazing lakes Abudelauri (blue, green and white) at an altitude of 2800 m. Then, get us to a steep climb to the pass Chaukhi (3431 m n.p.m.) *, After which we will go down through the picturesque valley Chaukhistskali to our camp site – camping Zeta Camping. Dinner in the bar of Zeta Camping. Here we also spend the night in cabins or tents. (Time: 7.5 hours. Distance: 16 km).
* In case of bad weather we do not go through the Chaukhi pass, but through the Sadzele pass, lower and safer during rainfall.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: tents or cabins in Zeta Camping

Day 11 – Juta to Kazbegi. We continue our journey to Kazbegi. We descend to the village of Juta and then further down the already paved road along the river Snotskali. We do through several villages: Karkucha, Akhaltsikhe, Sno and Achkhoti, and at the end of the valley we reach the Georgian Military Road. After crossing the road our trails runs along the river Terek and leads us to the natural mineral water springs, from where Kazbegi is only a short walk away.

In the evening, in Kazbegi we will experience a magic of Georgian hospitality – Georgian feasting called supra. It is said that tables should be multistory, so many different dishes usually appear thereon during a traditional dinner. Georgians are a nation extremely bound to their traditions, including celebration of wine, toasts and the incredible hospitality. During the Georgian Supra we hear songs performed by local folk band. We spend the night in a guest house in Gergeti.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Gergeti.

Day 12 – Rest day in Kazbegi. Day of rest. We make a short trip to the picturesquely situated above Gergeti village the Holy Trinity Church located at an altitude of 2170 meters. It will also be the opportunity to relax and rest in the center of SPA Hotel Rooms in Kazbegi. Dinner and overnight in a guest house in Gergeti.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight: guesthouse in Gergeti.

Day 13 – Kazbegi – Kazbek BC (Meteostation 3653 m). We go back to the mountains, in the direction of the legendary vulcano – Kazbek (5047 m asl). Dinner camp and accommodation in Meteostancji.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner- camp kitchen

Overnight :Meteostation (3653 m).

Day 14 – Meteostation – Kazbegi. After breakfast, we take a short walking tour to a small church located approx. 200 meters above Meteostation (at around 3900 m). Then we go back to Kazbegi, where once again we enjoy foods and drink at our guesthouse. We spend the night in a guest house in Gergeti. There will be a chance to teach some basic Georgian dishesh at our gueshouse like khinkali or khachapuri.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner- camp kitchen

Overnight :guesthouse in Gergeti.

Day 15 – Kazbegi – Tbilisi. Last breakfast in the mountains and return to Tbilisi through the Georgian Military Road. On the way we stop to visit Ananuri fortress and the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtccheta, where we visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Upon arrival in Tbilisi we take a walking through in the Old Tbilisi, we see Narikala fortress, Sioni Cathedral and visit the galleries of Georgian jewellery – minankari. In the evening, we celebrate a farewell dinner in one of the Tbilisi restaurants. We spend the night at a hostel in Tbilisi.

Meals: breakfast / – / dinner

Overnight : hostel in Tbilisi.

Day 16 – Fly back home. Transfer to the airport and morning flight to the city of origin **

* Decision on the final route of transition remains at the discretion of the guide, depending on weather conditions, while maintaining the framework plan, ie. Getting from Omalo to Kazbegi and Meteostancji. It may happen that even if the storm will need emergency bivouac.

** flights and transfers from other airports than Tbilisi are taking place without assistance of 7SensesTravel & ARARATTREK.PL

For more information (price, what is included, more details on itinerary of trekking) please contact our partner Ararattrek.pl e-mail: ararat.pl@gmail.com. Please use TCH16 code as a reference.